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Diaper Sissy Review

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

So, the day FINALLY came where I was scheduled to have a 24 hour session with Mistress Momica. I struggled for months leading up to this day with anxiety over it...would I be able to fly to Florida...would I be able to be with another person for over 24 hours...would I be able to handle ABDL and humiliation play scenes in front of other people? Thankfully the answer to all those questions is a resounding YES!!!This would be my first time attending a public fetish party incorporating ABDL play so I was naturally very anxious, but within minutes of us first meeting in person Mistress Momica helped to put me at ease. We casually talked about our BDSM interests and fantasies, and she ultimately decided we would incorporate the fantasy involving a wife finding her husband’s collection of diapers into our session. It honestly felt like reuniting with an old friend as I felt relaxed, safe, and secure in being able to be my authentic submissive self without worry of judgement or ridicule.Mistress Momica was extremely empathetic towards my anxiety, and routinely checked in with me throughout the night to make sure I was feeling ok while still pushing my boundaries. But in no way did this dampen her dominance and ultimate command of the scene. This definitely set her apart from many other Dommes I have had sessions with in the past. I felt protected by her, which allowed myself to quickly drop into sub space. It felt so freeing not having to make ONE decision all mind was ultimately serene and free from the usual chaotic noise...akin to when I practice Yoga or meditation.For the evening she ultimately chose to dress me in a Care Bear baby doll dress, plastic panties, and white Mary Jane socks before gluing on some fake eye lashes and applying a bit of concealer powder and eye shadow to my face. She further added to my humiliation by tying a pink bib with the words “Diapered Sissy” around my neck and clipping a big pink bow with the word “Sissy” to my wig. My look was completed by locking black and white decorated high heels around my ankles with mini-padlocks, and locking a pink collar with a heart-shaped padlock around my neck...I felt OWNED!!! Now I was finally ready to attend the fetish party as Mistress Momica’s diapered sissy...she allowed me to call her Mommy for the rest of the evening and told me to inform her when I wet my diaper by whispering in her ear, “Mommy I tinkled in my diaper.”The anticipation before arriving to the event bordered between excitement and fear...similar to the rush one might get when watching a horror film. I was literally shaking upon walking into the event, with beads of perspiration collecting under my arms and on my forehead. Mistress was extremely attuned to my emotional state, and helped to reassure me while leading the way. It was in this way the entire night proceeded, a sweet mixture of compassionate care and sadistic play. And once inside the party it didn’t take long for her to bring me to my knees and command me to crawl around the entire room on all fours like the sissy baby I truly am. It was by far the most humiliating scene I’ve been a part of, unable to even look up as I wondered what other people thought and if they could see my diaper hidden underneath my skirt.Mistress Momica truly pushed me to my absolute physical and emotional pain limits, leaving me to cry several times throughout the night. This might seem like a bad experience, but it wasn’t for someone who is a true masochist. I suffer from severe anxiety, and as such am filled with extreme emotional pain almost daily. Crying is a cathartic release for me, but it requires one to be vulnerable in order to shed tears in front of another person. In this way it instead felt enlightening, as I learned showing vulnerability only deepens the bonds we form with each other. She is truly a highly skilled Dominant female who is a natural leader and someone who likes to take charge. I would highly recommend a session with her if you are an ABDL, submissive, or masochist. Maybe you will be left crying afterwards too...but don’t worry she provides exquisite aftercare 😊


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