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Back 2 Baby Nursery 

Hi, I am glad you are here. Perhaps you've seen me around? Or maybe you've newly discovered me. WELCOME. Let me introduce myself, I'm Momica and I offer in-person play (sessions) at my nursery in Tampa Bay, Florida as well as virtual play via skype, text or phone.

Have you ever dreamt of mommy tucking you into your crib at night? Being fed from an highchair or nursing from a bottle? Getting your diaper changed on a changing table? You can experience all of that and more at my Back 2 Baby nursery, a private, domestic play space.

Maybe you think you're too big for all that? Don't worry, I will bring you down to size. My painstakingly crafted nursery offers a twin XL crib with memory foam mattress, a custom-built high chair and and a soft, cushiony changing table, along with a wide assortment of attire befitting boys, girls and sissies of all shapes and sizes. With more than 100 diapers in my ever-growing collection, you can rest assured that any accidents--intentional or not--will be properly contained. I also have an extensive vintage toy collection for you to admire, as well as a menagerie of stuffed animals to cuddle with. In addition to the nursery, my space features a school and medical room where we can practice the dark age-play arts.

With 10+ years of experience, I offer authentic, immersive sessions. My custom sessions are tailored to the individual -- no two plays are alike. I enjoy creative play, and can take on the role of a wide range of dominant figures: Mommy, Auntie, Babysitter, Nurse, Headmistress...let's use our imagination. My style is loving and nurturing--with a dash of discipline thrown in when warranted.

List of some things I enjoy & offer

Affectionate Domination  

  Abduction | Kidnapping  

  Mind Control/Hypnosis VR  



  Discipline: IE Hair Pulling | Mouth Soaping | Spanking  

 Diaper use control | potty and unpotty training 

  Enema (forced messing)  

 Chastity Training  

  Medical exams  


  Sissy Training  

  School Lessons 




Like to see more of me? Head over to my Just For Fans page where you'll get exclusive access to my pics, videos, audio and more. Basically, the good stuff- the stuff you defiantly will not find on any of my social media accounts. In addition you'll have a reserved seat to my WEEKLY LIVE broadcasts. Click the HERE to be taken directly to my page. 

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