Q: How do I schedule?

A: Fill out the booking form. After you've sent over the booking form I'll ask for your screening information.

Q: I want to see you tonight! Will you see me tonight?! 

A: NO, I am never available same day. I require at least 48 hour notice.

Q: I live in "X" city in Florida, will you come to me?

A: Yes, I do travel within the state 4 hour minimum booking required

Q: I live in X city outside of FL and would like you to come to my location

A: I'll fly to your location with a minimum booking plus associated travel costs (flight etc). Also, I am passport ready and with as little as 2 weeks' notice we could be playing in some cool exotic locale together as well. Where shall we go?

Q: What is your rate / Do I need to send a deposit?

A:  Click HERE for rate information. My tribute is based on my talents and not your budget. Your session is NOT BOOKED until a deposit is given (25% of session fee to book- the remainder is paid in CASH in person). Virtual is paid 100% before session begins.Our time together is only reserved when the deposit is given.


Feel free to research me (I'm verified on multiple websites).​

I want a session, but I want to remain anonymous

I'm verified on multiple sites and I have plenty of evidence to show I'm trusted, you don't. In order to book a session, you will provide me your real legal name (and ID) OR reference to another professional you have seen within the last year. 

Q: Will you meet me outside of a session?

A: YES! I offer meet and greets. Dinner and show, dive bar karaoke... etc.... You are paying for my time and companionship. I don't offer free meeting ups.

Q: What do I bring to our session?

A: I have everything we would need for our session but If you have a favorite something, bring it.

Q: Are you looking for a personal / domestic / errand slave?

A: No, not currently

Q: What will our session be like / What happens in your sessions?

A:  I understand you're nervous and excited, however, no two sessions are the same. I create an experience completely tailored to the individual I am seeing based upon mutual interests. I do not discuss in great detail the session that will happen via email or DM. I only discuss an outline of the scene that will play out. If requested I will call to speak with you briefly to go over the date, time, and basic details,

Note: the first few minutes of every session we will talk in detail and discuss limits, safe words (if needed) etc before beginning. The last 10-15 minutes will be spent in after-care.


Q: Are you dating anyone?

A: Not of your concern.

Q: What name do you prefer to go by?

A: You will refer to me as Mistress, Miss, Ma'am or Goddess. Clients who I've session with can call me Mommy NO ONE ELSE.

Q: What are your hard limits?

A: I do not offer body worship, I don't change messy diapers, I do not offer scat play, I don't deal with "brats" or topping from the bottom. 

Other things....


While I am a pro at creating memorable scenes I really need you to have an idea of what type of scene you would like explore BEFORE contacting me. Messaging me "I want to be dominated" is not enough. Be a little creative laying out what you'd like and I can take it from there.

My attire in scene is "sexy" and usually form fitting but sometimes casual (sun dress, yoga pants). Picture Hot Mom next door look. I do not wear leather.


My clothes always remain on during the session.

Cats on-premises. Some of them come inside from time to time and hang out in the common area or on the porch but they are NEVER in the playrooms.  If you are super allergic, my place is probably not going to work out. We can meet at an alternative place.

420 friendly

I like to plan my week out in advance and as such, I don't accommodate last-minute bookings (less than 48 hours notice).

Deposit is forfeited if you cancel (you may apply to a future session as long as its booked within 3 months).

Tips or gifts are never expected but always appreciated.