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Tips before seeing a PROFESSIONAL: Beware of fakes. Seek out reputable, known and verifiable Pros. There are tons of "Mommy Dommes" out there but not many that has put forth the necessary expense in creating a nursery for a full immersive experience. Do you need to go to a nursery to feel little? No, but it sure helps and is absolutely an unforgettable experience. If you're thinking of going to a Pro who offers a little of "Everything Under the Sun" be sure the additional spaces will be closed for others during your time there. Trust me when I say nothing will kill your experience more than another client in the room over whimpering in pain while you're trying to get in to a subspace of your own. Find a low volume pro and preferably one that is ABDL focused.

Q: How do I schedule?

A: Fill out the booking form. After you've sent over the booking form I'll ask for your screening information.

Q: I only want a one-hour session. Will you see me for 1 hour?

A: Short answer, No. I no longer offer in-person sessions less than 4 hours. If you cant do all 4 hours you will still pay for 4 hours. 

Q: I would like to get to know you more before I book a session!

A: Cool, follow me for FREE on my social media. If you're looking for more individual attention you can schedule virtual cam time, a phone call, or text privileges. Info HERE 

Q: I want to see you tonight! Will you see me tonight?! 

A: Nope not happening, I'm never available the same day. I require at least 48 hour notice.

Q: I live in X city ARE YOU VISTING SOON? 

A:  The world is huge baby and I love to travel but chances are I will never make it to your city unless you FLY ME to your location with a minimum booking (24 hours east coast - 48 hours west of MO) plus associated travel costs.

Q: What is your rate / Do I need to send a deposit?

A:  Click HERE for rate information. My tribute NOT Negotiable. Your session is NOT BOOKED until a deposit is given (25% of session fee to book- the remainder is paid in CASH in person). Virtual is paid 100% before session beginsOur time together is only reserved when the deposit is given.

Q: I want a session, but I want to remain anonymous

I'm verified on multiple sites and I have plenty of evidence to show I'm trusted, you don't. In order to book a session, you will provide me your real legal name (and ID) OR reference to another professional you have seen within the last year. 

Q: Will you meet me outside of a session?

A: YES! I offer meet and greets. Dinner and show, dive bar karaoke... etc.... You are paying for my time and companionship. I don't offer free meeting ups.

Q: What do I bring to our session?

A: I have everything we would need for our session but If you have a favorite something, bring it.

Q: Are you looking for a lifestyle baby, personal / domestic / errand slave etc?

A: No

Q: What will our session be like / What happens in your sessions?

A:  I understand you're nervous and excited, however, no two sessions are the same. I create an experience completely tailored to the individual I am seeing based upon mutual interests. I do not discuss in great detail the session that will happen via email or DM. If requested I will call to speak with you briefly to go over the date, time, and basic details. Want to get to know me and discuss a bit more in depth beforehand? book a virtual session!


Q: Are you dating anyone?

A: Not of your concern.

Q: What are your hard limits?

A: I do not offer body worship. While I love brat taming its not fun for my patience to be worn thin during a session so note I don't deal with extreme "brats". I prefer clients who are 100% submissive (if you're a switch, you will be in sub mode only with me)


Other things....

Cats on-premises, If you are super allergic, I can offer a deep cleaning prior to your visit (add $200). I have an air purifier that I can run upon request.

420 friendly

Deposit is forfeited if you cancel (you may apply to a future session as long as its booked within 3 months).

If you have to leave a cam, phone call or session early there will be no refunds given or time credited. 

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